Chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej na temat Unii Europejskiej i zaangażować się w dyskusję dotyczącą jej przyszłości?


Młodzieżowe Obrady Parlamentu Łódź

6.10 w Łodzi młodzież z różnych miast debatowała na temat „Safe development of medicine in Europe”

Oto tematy, które zostały poddane rozważeniom:

Motion for a Resolution by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

As private services beyond regular care are expensive, EU citizens have these treatments carried out by professionals, who provide low-priced services, abroad. How could the EU support local doctors suffering from a huge loss of income?


Motion for a Resolution by the Committee on Development

With life expectancy in Eastern EU Member States being only at a maximum of 77 years – shown in a statistics of 2013 – and even up to 13% of a country’s population not having access to medical care, which includes pricing and long waiting lists, how can better access to medical care be provided in order to tackle European-wide discrepancy?


Motion for a Resolution by the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

A large subset of parents admits to having concerns about childhood vaccinations due to personal belief, religious reasons or safety concerns. How should the EU take action against the risks of vaccination as well as the risk of spreading serious illnesses?


Motion for a Resolution by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

While some EU Member States lack caregivers and nurses, others are confronted with general unemployment. Hence, many leave their families to move abroad to work as caregivers in underpaid jobs. What measures should be taken to avoid a lack of caregivers on one side and tackle unemployment on the other?


Motion for a Resolution by the Committee on Human Rights

Using embryonic stem cells is becoming highly promising in nowadays research. However, pluripotent cells are still risky and raise ethical questions about the beginning of a child’s life and religious beliefs. What restrictions, if any, should be made on using embryonic stem cells?


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